June 25 - 26
Scottsdale, AZ

1 ticket - $199/each

General Admission

2-3 tickets - $169/each

Use Code FBBCLeads when signing up.

4+ tickets - $139/each

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Then Attend the World Conference for the Unveiling of The Fit Body Way.

The Fit Body World Conference, taking place June 25 & 26 in Scottsdale, Arizona, will be unlike any World Conference held before.

This year, the conference will be focused on sharing the NEW proprietary systems, processes, software and print materials that make up The Fit Body Way. This entire system is designed to make running your business easier, less stressful, and more profitable. Additionally, world class speakers Tim Grover, Jason Redman and Dan Fleyshman will take the stage to share their wisdom and inspire.

State of the Franchise: Bedros will take the stage to share his vision for Fit Body Boot Camp: where we were as a brand and where we are headed.

Overview of The Fit Body Way: Bryce Henson & Matt Wilber, will take the stage to share the specifics of The Fit Body Way and how each piece will make your life easier and your client results even better.

New Member Funnel and 12-Month Marketing Calendar: Bedros and Matt have developed the entire new member funnel and process for your team to follow in order to attract and convert new prospects into longtime members. Additionally, they will go in depth on the 12-month marketing calendar that includes all of the promotions and challenges for the year as well as the resources and assets for each one. These funnels incorporate our supplement and gear offerings, which means that your TRULEAN commission checks will continue to grow each month.

Developing Your Client Experience: A big part of the Fit Body Way is tailoring your member’s experience to deliver the results they want and to then keep them engaged and attending sessions month after month, and year after year. Matt & Bryce will present the system for keeping your members happy, engaged and referring their friends and family members.

Rollout of The Fit Body Way: The Fit Body Way contains a ton of new information, resources and processes for you and your team to understand and apply. To make this education and transition easier for you, we’ve developed online training modules to walk you through each and every piece of The Fit Body Way. Bryce will go into detail on how this training system works and how you will gain access to it. Additionally, Bryce and the entire CAP team are dedicated to training and assisting you and your team in the adaptation of The Fit Body Way.

World Class Training sessions:  Barrett Henson will take the stage to offer best practices in building and leading a world class team as well as ensuring your coaches are delivering the Fire Breathing Dragon Fit Body Coaching Experience to your clients which translates to higher profits!



Your World Conference Speakers

Bedros Keuilian

President and Founder of Fit Body Boot Camp

Bedros Keuilian is founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, twice listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 fastest growing franchises in the world and four times listed on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing privately owned companies. He’s known as the hidden genius that entrepreneurs, New York Times best-selling authors, and thought leaders turn to when they want to create highly profitable and industry dominating brands and businesses. His book, Man Up: How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life), is a #1 bestseller across multiple categories on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and has been featured on KTLA 5. An immigrant from a communist country turned hugely successful entrepreneur, Bedros uses the stage, TV, and social media to share his Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire audiences worldwide to reach their fullest potential in business and in life!

Bryce Henson

CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

Bryce Henson is the Vice President of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise.

Having over 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry and owning 2 FBBC locations, his passion is spreading fitness to the world, in addition to mentoring fitness professionals on how to grow their businesses and change more lives in their local communities.

Bryce also co-leads FBBC Mastermind Group, an exclusive coaching group for high performing fitness professionals.

Bryce Henson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Michigan and has spent most of his adult life in California. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently, having lived in Florianopolis, Brazil. He holds citizenship in the United States and Portugal. He enjoys world travel and is a fitness expert, coach, author, and inspirational leader.

Matt Wilber

Vice President of Product & Profitability | Fit Body Boot Camp

Matt Wilber opened his first Fit Body Boot Camp location in September 2013, living in his Grandma’s basement with $100,000 in student loan debt. He opened his first location with credit cards and did the entire buildout with his father. Matt’s goal when he opened his first location was when people were ready to change their lives they would walk through his doors. In less than 6 years, Matt is now the proud owner of 7 Fit Body Boot Camps, the creator of the Domination Workshop and The Ultimate Transformation Challenge, as well as a coach for the Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind with Bryce and Bedros. In 2018, Matt’s businesses generated nearly 7 million dollars. He has helped his clients lose over 125,000 pounds and inches with The Ultimate Transformation Challenge and has helped over 200 clients lose 50 pounds or more. Since opening his doors, Matt has raised and donated over $400,000 and this year Matt created a non-profit called the Big Give so that he and his team can have an even greater impact locally, nationally, and globally. Matt leads a team of 59 “Fire Breathing Dragons” in West Michigan and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.



Tim S. Grover is the CEO of ATTACK Athletics, Inc., founded in 1989. World renowned for his legendary work with elite champions and Hall of Famers, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and hundreds other NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympic athletes, he is the preeminent authority on the science and art of physical and mental dominance and achieving excellence. Author of the national bestseller RELENTLESS: From Good to Great to Unstoppable and creator of digital training platform “The Relentless System,” Tim appears around the world as a keynote speaker and consultant to business leaders, athletes, and elite achievers in any area who want to know how the best can get better in anything they do, teaching the principles of relentless drive, result-driven performance, and mental toughness. A featured columnist at SI.com and Yahoo.com, he also appears regularly on ESPN, FoxSports1, and other media outlets. Tim earned his Master’s degree in Exercise Science and his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at University of Illinois-Chicago. As a former NCAA Division I basketball player at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Grover was inducted into the UIC Hall of Fame with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. For more about Tim, please visit www.TimGrover.com.



Jason “Jay” Redman spent 11 years as an enlisted Navy SEAL and 10 years as a SEAL Officer. At the FBBC World Conference Jason will reveal his “Pentagon of Peak Performance.” These are the principles Jason extracted after an enemy ambush nearly took his life and almost left him crippled. He has since discovered that every human being will go through 5-7 “life ambushes”. Now, he’s teaching YOU how to “get off the X,” survive any ambush in your life or business, and come out on top.



Dan Fleyshman is an American entrepreneur and professional poker player who has a net worth of $50 million. He is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. He launched the company Who’s Your Daddy energy drinks at 23 years old after he sold $15 million of clothing and got a $9.5 million licensing deal with STARTER apparel. 

In 2010 he launched Victory Poker which became the 3rd largest team of professional poker players. As a poker player he has won the 5k C.E.O. Poker Championship, the Canadian Poker Tour Main Event, the 10k Chipleader Challenge, and the 25k high roller event at Commerce Casino. He also reached the final table of the European World Series of Poker main event in 2011 where he finished 7th and won $183,029. Fleyshman’s company Who’s Your Daddy? 

Has over 300 products and focuses on their King of Energy energy drink. He has served as an angel investor or consultant for 14 companies. Fleyshman launched www.modelcitizenfund.org. The charity creates backpacks filled with supplies for the homeless and is the official charity of the World Series of Poker Europe. He started www.celebvidy.com in 2014 which lets fans purchase video greetings or ask questions to celebrities, fitness experts, business leaders, and athletes.

World Conference Agenda

Friday, JUNE 25th

5:00am Fire Breathing Dragon Workout #1
5:30am Fire Breathing Dragon Workout #2
8:00am Bryce Henson- Opening remarks
8:15am Bedros Keuilian: The Fit Body Vision
9:45am: Bryce Henson: Circumstance does not change responsibility
11am: Tim Grover: W1nning
12:00pm: Working Lunch – Trulean live show
1:15pm: Bryce Henson, Matt Wilber & Erin Alenjandrino: The Fit Body Way
2:45pm: Ben Jones: Lead from the front
4pm: Steven Hadley – Fit Body Forever 2.0
5:30pm: Elite Mastermind Nominees
8:30pm: Cocktail Party

Saturday, JUNE 26th

5:00am Fire Breathing Dragon Workout #1
5:30am Fire Breathing Dragon Workout #2
8:00am Barrett Hensen: Know your team & Grow your team
9am: Jay Redman: Pointman for life
10:15am : Bryce Henson: The Fit Body Way
11am: Dan Fleyshman: The power of social media
12:00pm: Working Lunch with Hotseats
1:15pm: Barrett Henson & Mike Zakarian: The Fit Body Way
2:30: Ask the CAP team – Your coaches panel
3:30: UNFU** Yourself – Matt Wilber
4:45pm: Bedros Keuilian – Awards, Recognition & Parting Wisdom

Fit Body Boot Camp is not your average franchise. And it should not be your average fitness program.

Our CEO admits to being intense, driven, obsessive and even unreasonable in his mission, vision and values. His goal is to impact millions of lives through 2,500 franchise locations by December 31, 2022; and for Fit Body Boot Camp to be the best 30 minutes of each and every client’s day.

Likewise, you, the Fit Body Boot Camp owner, are not your average franchisee.

You are a passionate entrepreneur who is committed to helping your community become fit, healthy and to develop mental resiliency. You have an unreasonable level of commitment to service. You desire personal success in the three areas that matter most: income, impact and time freedom.

These are seriously lofty goals that require an aggressive plan of action for us to achieve.

Fit Body Boot Camp will continue to grow into a lifestyle brand that gives every client the “WOW” experience by way of world-class service and results in fitness, nutritional coaching, supplementation and by delivering and instilling a positive mindset so that they are evangelical about our brand, service and mission…however, it requires that we all come together with a synchronized way of doing things.